Stay Connected Family Videos

Stay Connected Family Videos

Send a Holiday Video to your loved one!

Get On The Bus and Family Express have worked over the past 10 years to provide connection and reunification services for families and their incarcerated loved ones. Although our buses are at a standstill at this time, we are not! For this holiday season, we are doing Holiday Videos to help our families send messages of love to their loved ones on the inside. If you and/or your family would like to participate, please follow the directions below.

Videos will be shown at all CDCR institutions the last week of December.

Video submissions are open from November 18th, 2021, through December 3, 2021, 11:59PM.

What we’re asking from you:
Families: An encouraging video message under 25 seconds to your incarcerated loved one so they can see and hear directly from you! This can be from one person or an entire family. This can be just a child speaking to their parent, or grandparents speaking to their grandchildren who are incarcerated. Natural messages of love and hope spoken from the heart!
Sample Family Video