Get On The Bus


F.A.Q. for Moms at CCWF

Get On The Bus is for children of moms and dads who are in prison. Get On The Bus provides transportation for children and one caregiver to CCWF for Mother’s Day.

Child/children and one caregiver or volunteer over the age of 18 will escort the children into visit their mom.

GOTB is FREE to families. Transportation, food photos are all FREE.

Sign-ups for Get On The Bus are usually from September until November 15, 2016. The mom inside will need to pick up an application from WAC or the Chapel.

CCWF-Get On The Bus is May 12, 2017.

Transportation, meals, items (coloring books, crayons, puzzles, etc) to keep them busy, t shirts, a special visit with child focused activities, a photo with you, stay connected bags (stationary, pens, stamps, etc.) so that they can keep in touch after the visit, and a teddy bear and a letter from you, which they receive on their way home.

The opportunity to unite with their children for a special day, a free lunch and a photo.

Return completed applications to the Visiting Sgt. or Mr. Johnson, CRM

No. The incarcerated parent will need to be cleared by CCWF to participate. If the incarcerated parent has visiting restrictions or restricitions with minors, they cannot participate. There are no non-contact visits and incarcerated parents can’t participate if they are placed in administrative segregation. Any familes residing less than a 90 minute drive to Chowchilla cannot partcipate in the program this year.

Yes, the prison will notify him/her.

The prison will mail all the approved applications to the central GOTB office. The applications will then be separated by prison and area and given to a GOTB volunteer.

Your family members/children’s social worker will be contacted through the information provided on the application.

GOTB will contact your family in mid-January – February.

 If GOTB is unable to contact your family, the incarcerated parent will be notified by the prison and asked to produce more telephone numbers. If GOTB can’t reach your family by early March, your family will not be able to participate in this year’s event.

 If your family chooses not to participate, GOTB will not force them to participate. No, means no.

The incarcerated parent will be notified by letter if your family does not want to participate.

GOTB will call your family and set up a time and place to meet so they can fill out all the necessary paperwork for the prison and for the program.

Yes. The child will need a notary signed by legal guardian giving this person permission to the accompany the child. GOTB will help this person fill out the notary paperwork. Their clearance will be dependent on CCWF approval.

Another person you know or a GOTB volunteer will escort your child (pending prison clearance). A notary giving this person permission to escort your child is required.

 The prison will assist the incarcerated parent with signing a notary giving another person (an approved person) permission to accompany your child. Or, you may approve a volunteer to bring the children.

 The age limit for children is infant to 25 years of age.

No, due to capacity limits in the visiting areas, only your children or step-children can participate.

If the daughter is the primary caregiver and there is no care available for the baby on the day of the event, then yes. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Only ONE caregiver or guardian per family is permitted to ride the bus.

The child’s guardian in this case, the social worker will have to approve of it. The social worker may need to present a court order to the prison for further approval.

 GOTB strongly suggests picking ONE family to avoid conflicts. However, GOTB will make decisions on a case by case basis.

The child/children needs a valid birth certificate. A notary signed by a legal guardian (that matches the name on the birth certificate) is needed for any children not escorted by a legal guardian.

GOTB will provide funding to purchase a birth certificate if one is not available.

You can also send donations directly to our Central Office: 6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Ste 304, North Hollywood, CA 91606. If you or your group raises more than $550, your name will be printed on a Get On The Bus t-shirt. If your group raises more than $2000, your group’s logo will appear on the t-shirt.