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Women of Wisdom

An Alternative Community Of Faith
The Women of Wisdom circle first began gathering in 2004. Several women from the ‘outside’ and a small group of women from the ‘inside’ were invited for a conversation around the questions: What difference would it make if a group of women joined together from the inside/outside and drew upon their common feminine wisdom? What difference would it make to each of us, to all of us?
Initially the group seemed to be intrigued, but resistance quickly moved in. The women ‘inside’ wanted to know what the group was going to do. The response was simple: we don’t know yet. We are going to sit together and let the Spirit of Wisdom lead us. The women ‘inside’ then explained why this concept seemed so unsettling. When you are incarcerated, someone tells you everything that you are going to do every minute of the day. You are told when to wake up and when to eat. When it’s OK to visit and when it’s not. The women ‘inside’ insisted that they had to know what they were doing and that someone was supposed to tell them. The women from outside replied that this wasn’t about one group leading and one group following, but instead, all of the women joining in circle to set the direction together with each woman listening and discerning the nudging of Spirit of Wisdom. While wary, the women ‘inside’ agreed to at least try the waiting, the listening and seeing approach.
Monthly Circle
Monthly Women of Wisdom meetings are held and you and your parish are invited to attend. Download the PDF flyer for full details.
Annual Retreat
Woman of Wisdom Annual Retreat
Monday, December 11, 2017