Cross Over

Additional Ways to Get Involved

Cross-over is pleased to provide you with additional ways you can get involved through the efforts of other non-affiliated organizations.

These include

The Action Committee for Women in Prison

Be a part of their Christmas Project

The Advocacy Project

Join the mailing list for the Advocacy Project to write letters on behalf of women who have been found suitable for parole by the governor-appointed Board of Prison Hearings. Letters urge the governor to support recommendations for parole made by the Board for women serving indeterminate life sentences in California state prisons. The Board reviews about 4,000 cases annually, finding fewer than 4% suitable for parole, however the governor can overturn the Board’s finding of suitability, and does so in the vast majority of suitable cases (e.g. 90% in 2006). Many have been found suitable multiple times by the Board, only to be denied each time by the governor. The Advocacy Project requests letters to the governor for each woman who is found suitable for parole by the Board.
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Contact: Sister Terry Dodge, to join the mailing list.

Ask Mentoring Outreach

Ask Mentoring Outreach, Inc.
Through an application and interviews, you will be matched with a woman on the inside to visit during her incarceration and to facilitate re-entry. (Being a visitor precludes participating in future crossovers.) Contact: Pam Petix, or 909-635-0946, for additional information.

Pen Pal Project

Request to be matched with a woman inside with whom you can correspond. You may use the Pen Pal Project to assist the letter exchange. (Writing to an individual precludes participating in future crossovers.) Contact: Pen Pal Project or write to: Pen Pal Project, P.O. Box 9867, Marina del Rey, CA 90295.


Be a regular visitor for a woman inside. Procedure to become a visitor can be obtained by contacting the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation: 800-374-8474. (Being a visitor precludes participating in future crossovers.)